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Difference between light and heavy Magnesium carbonate

Heavy magnesium carbonate is also called pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate, is a kind of hydration basic magnesium carbonate, 

white powder, non-toxic, odourless, tasteless, and the content of MgO is between 40.0% to 43.5%. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, 

for the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcer disease.

Light magnesium carbonate is a kind of basic magnesium carbonate, which is also called magnesium carbonate hydroxide pentahydrate. Due to 

its apparent specific volume is small, light and loose, it can be used as a good filling agent and reinforcing agent for rubber products in chemical 

industries. In addition, it can be used for fireproofing & heat preservation material, insulation materials, daily chemical, cosmetics and so on.

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