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Ultra low heavy metal limits fine powder calcium phosphate


Calcium phosphate is also known as Tricalcium phosphate or Calcium phosphate tribasic anhydrous. Normally there are three kinds of Calcium phosphate, α-Calcium phosphate, β-Calcium phosphate and Amorphous tricalcium phosphate.

Tricalcium phosphate is a very safe nutritional supplement, mainly used as calcium enhancer, anti-caking agent, ph adjusting and buffer.


Microcapsule-embedded tricalcium phosphate, one of the best calcium sources in human body

The microcapsule-embedded calcium (LIPOCAL) produced by Lipofoods of Spain, the raw material ultra-finely pulverized Tricalcium phosphate encapsulated with lecithin, the microcapsules diameter is 3-5 micrometers.


In China, Tricalcium phosphate is usually powder, Runmag Nutritions have developed ultra fine powder 5000mesh about 3um, Tricalcium phosphate with very good fluidity, we increase the rotation rate of the centrifuge, ensure the product particle size distribution, we have overcome the difficult basically , the Tricalcium phosphate is easy to cake when stored for a long time.


From the raw sourcing, we keep strictly control of the heavy metal limits, we choose 85% food grade phosphoric acid and pharma grade Calcium carbonate, so our heavy metal limits are prior to the latest EC specifications. Arsenic, lead, cadmium 1ppm max, mercury 0.1ppm, aluminium and iron limits customers` demand.


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