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Runmag leads you find more applications of Zinc citrate.


1. Different zinc assay

Zinc citrate


Zinc gluconate


Zinc lactate


Zinc citrate has a higher zinc content, smaller addition,lower cost and a wide application.

2. Zinc citrate can be directly mixed and compounded.

3. Citric acid in zinc citrate can participate in the tricarboxylic acid cycle in the human body, enhance the digestion and absorption and fast absorption.

4. Zinc citrate can be used to supplement zinc in diabetic patients (zinc is required for insulin production), and it compensates for the deficiency of zinc gluconate (diabetes in humans).

5. Zinc citrate has good taste, while zinc gluconate and zinc lactate have astringent taste.

6. Zinc is present in the form of zinc citrate. It is non-toxic, it has biodegradability and no environmental pollution. It is safe as a food additive.

7. Zinc citrate is the only zinc complex found in human milk.

8. Zinc in the human prostate is present in the form of zinc citrate. Zinc citrate has a unique physiological function.

9. When iron and zinc are seriously deficient at the same time, zinc citrate can be used to avoid antagonism with iron.

10. Zinc citrate can replace zinc oxide and calcium hydrogen phosphate as toothpaste additives to prevent gingivitis, calculus and tooth bleeding.

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