Calcium Citrate Malate, English name: Calcium Citrate Malate (abbreviated as CCM), as a new generation of high-quality calcium source is popular in developed countries such as Europe and America. It is a crab compound formed by combining calcium, citric acid and malic acid in a certain proportion. It has become the first choice for high-absorbent calcium raw materials.

  1. High solubility: By comparing the solubility ofCalcium Citrate Malate with similar products, it is found that the calcium content of Calcium Citrate Malate in similar products is moderate and the solubility is obviously better than other products. Its solubility increases with the decrease of pH.
  2. High biological absorption and utilization: The biggest feature of calcium fruit acid is that the calcium ingested by the human body has a high absorption rate. In addition, calcium fruit acid also has high biological utilization such as promoting bone formation and alleviating bone loss. .
  3. Reduce iron absorption barriers
  4. Good flavor
  5. Safe and non-toxic