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  • We offer taylor made production of food supplements and sport nutrition.
  • Modern equipment for production of powder form of food supplements products.
  • Own R&D department for formulation of food supplements.
  • Legislation support in according with our suppliers of active ingredience.


Discription and features

Compound bread preservative is a special designed preservative to be used in bread and bakery industry. The traditional preservative used in the bread industry can only prolong the fresh period for 1-2 days and remain the function for 3-4 days. In the same condition, Compound bread preservative can prevent the bread from growth of fungus as long as 12days and still keep its original freshness.


CAS No Chemical name
590-00-1Potassium Sorbate
4418-26-2Sodium dehydroacetate
110-44-1Sorbic Acid
123-94-4Glyceryl monostearate
77-92-9Citric Acid


It can be used in various kinds of bread and baked food. 0.1~0.2% to flour, then blend together with other ingredients, followed by the normal bakery procedure.

Standard Packing 25kgs/carton. Special packing is available upon customer’s request.

Storage To be stored in cool and dry place, avoid sunlight.


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