Dicalcium phosphate

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Dicalcium phosphate

Calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate or anhydrous powder or DC granular

Widely used in foods, pharma excipents, nutrition, supplement, baking powder, baby foods, pet foods, cat foods, cattle foods, dog foods



DEFINITIONAnhydrous Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate (DCP anhydrous)
Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate (DCP dihydrate)
PARTICLE SIZEDirect compressed granualtes
ultra fine powder customerized
STANDARDFood, pharmaceutical and toothpaste grade
loss on ignition %6.6-8.524.5-26.5
Chloride %≤0.05≤0.05
Sulphates %≤0.2≤0.2
Carbonatespass testpass test
Bariumpass testpass test
Flouride %≤0.015≤0.015
Residual solventspass testpass test
Heavy metals ppm≤10≤10
Lead ppm≤1≤1
Arsenic ppm≤0.5≤0.5
Cadmium ppm≤1≤1
Mercury ppm≤1≤1
PACKAGING25kg – paper bag, Preserve in original packages.
AND STORAGEStore in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse
SHELF LIFE2year in original packages under the described conditions.
PREPARED BYTechnical Department/Runmag Nutritions


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