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Magnesium Glycinate


5000 in stock (can be backordered)


Quantity: 1kg/37.68USD

Applications: Great for tablets, capsules, soft gels,and much more!

Solubility: Not Soluble

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5000 in stock (can be backordered)

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Magnesium glycinate is a great-tasting powder that can be mixed with water, juice, or with another powdered supplement.

Product name: Magnesium bis glycinate

Molecular Formula:C4H8MgN2O4


EC Number:238-852-2

PACKAGINGSmall bag varied 0.2kg-1kg

25kg – paper bag, Preserve in original packages.

AND STORAGEStore in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse
SHELF LIFE2year in original packages under the described conditions.
PREPARED BYTechnical Department/Runmag Nutritions

Additional information

Weight500 kg
Dimensions24 × 17 × 4 cm


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