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Calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate USP powder and DC granular



Chemical FormulaCaCO3
CAS NO471-34-1
Molecular Weight100.1
UsePharmaceuticals, food additive, electronics and specialized plant nutrient
DescriptionFine white powder, clean odorless
Containers25 kg / 50 lb. box/bag/drums
StorageStore in a clean, dry warehouse in the original unopened containers
Pharmaceutical Powder
Food Additive GranuleHigh Purity
Electronics Powder
Test ATo Pass TestTo Pass TestTo Pass Test
Test BTo Pass TestTo Pass TestTo Pass Test
Acid Insoluble0.2% max0.2% max
LOD1.0% max2.0% max
BariumNo green flam0.03% max
Lead0.0001% max0.0001% max0.0002% max
Mercury0.00001% max0.00001% max0.00003% max
Heavy Metal0.002% max0.002% max0.002% max
Arsenic0.0001% max0.0001% max0.0002% max
Fluoride0.003% max0.003% max0.005% max
Sulfates0.25% max
Chlorides0.02% max
Clarity TestTo Pass Test
Mg and Alkali Salts1.0% max
Caco3 Content
(Dry Basis)
Calcium Content35.0-39.0%
Bulk density (Loose)According to Customer Requirements
Particle SizeAccording to Customer Requirements


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