Ferrous Gluconate

Product name:Ferrous Gluconate
Molecular Formula:C12H22Fe.2H2O

Molecular weight: 482.17( dihydrate)
CAS No.: [12389-15-0]
Characteristics: light yellow gray or yellow granule or powder with slight gray green

Tests Specifications
Description Greenish-yellow to grey granluar
Identification AB(+)
Loss on drying 6.5-10.0%
PH (@20 deng c) 4.0~5.5
Mercury ≤3ppm
Lead ≤10ppm
Fe3+ ≤2.0%
Reducing substances No red percipitate
Sulphates ≤0.1%
Arsenic ≤3 ppm
Total Aerobic Count <1000/g
Total Moulds <100/g
Total Yeasts <100/g
E-Coli Absent
Salmonella Absent
Oxalic acid Negative
Assay 97.0~102.0 %

Uses: Iron is one of the major composition, which constitutes, hemoglobin, myoglobin, cellular chromatin and some tissular enzyme.The product is used in iron-deficiency anemia and has no stimulation gastrointestinal tract, being a good food-potentiating agent.
Quality Standard : BP2015 USP40 EP9.0 FCC(IV) CP2005 GB15571-2010
Package: PE bag lined cardboard drum (size:40×50, 37×43), 25kgs net each.
Transportation & Storage: It is a non-dangerous product and can be transported as a common chemical product. Avoid insolation and rain.Keep in dry, clean and ventilating places.

The shelf time is 2 years.


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