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FUNCTION Magnesium Citrate widely used as a dietary supplement and as a nutrient.
Magnesium citrate is known to be used in pharmaceuticals.
Magnesium as a vital element in regulating the heart
and necessary for proper calcium and Vitamin C metabolism.
PHYSICAL-CHEMICAL Chemical names Magnesium Citrate Nonahydrate
PROPERTIES Form White crystalline powder
Molecular formula Mg3(C6H5O7)2
CAS 3344-18-1
EINECS 222-093-9
E Number E345
PURITY Indentification A+B+C+D Pass the test
Assay Mg(135℃,16H),% 14.5-16.4
Ca,% ≤0.2
PH 5.0-9.5
Fe,ppm ≤100
Pb,ppm ≤1
Hg,ppm ≤0.1
Cd,ppm ≤1
As,ppm ≤3
Chloride,% ≤0.2
Sulphates,% ≤0.2
Heavy metal,ppm ≤10
Oxlates,ppm ≤280
Loss on drying,% ≦2
Total aerobic microbial count,cfu/g ≤1000
Yeast/mold,cfu/g ≤100
E.coli /g Absent
Salmonella/25g Absent
PACKAGING 25kg – paper bag, Preserve in original packages.
AND STORAGE Store in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse
SHELF LIFE 2year in original packages under the described conditions.
PREPARED BY Technical Department/Runmag Nutritions

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