Pellet Protect

Pellet Protect combines the latest technology with tailor-made perfection. In 4 simple steps, it enables you to completely program your nutritional supplement and distinguish your brand with a bespoke formulation to completely control the release of your product.

4 Simple steps to creat your own product:

-choose the active(s)

-choose the color

-choose the size

-choose the release

pellet pretect

With Pellet Protect, active ingredients are released in the body exactly when you want it, where you want it.

Our pellets are small, perfectly round granules of active ingredient that come in any size and color. Because they are 100% natural and vegan, sugar fee and free of allergens, Pellet Protect guarantees the highest safety levels.

Scientific insights show that precision released nutritional supplements accurately deliver active ingredients to the part of the body where they have to be absorbed; the stomach or the colon, for example.

The results:simplification of dosing schedules decreased number of required daily doses lesser actives needed

To maintain a constant dosage, for a specific period of time, Pellet Protect granules are designed to release the active ingredients at a predetermined rate.

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