Magnesium is the forth mineral nutrients after Calcium, Sodium and Potassium, Magnesium supplements are safe and healthy, it has attracts more and more attention, many people try to buy some magnesium supplements in the market, but they do not know how to choose the right magnesium supplements,it is not clear to the consumer whether one formulation has advantages over the other. But Inorganic formulations appear to be less bioavailable than organic ones, and the percentage of absorption is dose dependent.

Runmag introduce organic and inorganic magnesium for your more reference.

Magnesium content in different magnesium supplements
Magnesium saltMg/500mg
Magnesium Oxide300mg
Magnesium Carbonate150mg
Magnesium Citrate75mg
Magnesium Malate75mg
Magnesium Chloride60mg
Magnesium lactate60mg
Magnesium Glycinate50mg
Magnesium Sulfate50mg
Magnesium Taurate50mg
Magnesium Gluconate25mg

Choose the organic magnesium supplements will have better bioavailability.