What is amino acid chelated calcium?

There are three kinds of calcium ingredients in the market now, they are in Inorganic

There are three kinds of calcium ingredients in the market now, they are in Inorganic calcium, Organic Acid Calcium and Organic calcium.

Inorganic calciumCalcium carbonateCalcium chlorideDicalcium phosphateTricalcium phosphate
 Organic Acid CalciumCalcium gluconateCalcium citrateCalcium lactateCalcium citrate malateCalcium malateCalcium threonate
Organic calciumAmino Acid Chelated Calcium

The main calcium supplements are inorganic calcium, they are cheap and high calcium assay, but it is hard to absorb and have some bad effect on health.

Organic Acid Calcium have better bioavailability, but low calcium assay and price is higher.

The new calcium ingredients are amino Acid Chelated Calcium which is no irritation to the stomach, high safety and no side effects.Amino acid chelated calcium is calcium with a stable chelating structure, which is a new calcium source with biological activity. The chelating structure is stable, and it is not easy to combine with oxalic acid and phytic acid in food and lose it in the human intestine. It also overcomes the difficulty of traditional calcium supplements to absorb and dissolve.

Amino acid chelated calcium is a short-chain protein calcium molecule. It does not require vitamin D3 to be absorbed by the human body. It passes through the intestinal epithelial cells and is directly absorbed through the human intestine, which is beyond the reach of general calcium supplements.

Amino acid chelated calcium is an ideal, safe and reliable new generation “calcium supplement” on the market.

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