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Magnesium carbonate


Magnesium carbonate heavy and light

25kg 20kg 15kg/bag craft bags with PE inners

Health ceritication issued by CQC

Varied Particle size

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FUNCTIONMagnesium Carbonate used as a food additive and pharmaceutical.
PHYSICAL-CHEMICALChemical namesMagnesium carbonate
PARTICLE SIZEPowder/Granular
PROPERTIESFormwhite powder/granular
Molecular formula4MgCO3.Mg(OH)2.5H2O
E NumberE504
PURITYAppearance(bulky, white powder)≥%Passes Test
Assay(MgO) %40.0-45.0%
IdentificationPasses Test
Soluble substances1.0% max
Acid-Insoluble Substances0.05% max
Sulfates0.6% max
Chorides700ppm max
Arsenic(As)2ppm max
Calcium(Ca)0.75% max
Heavy Metals20ppm max
Iron(Fe)400ppm max
Lead(Pb)10ppm max
Mercury1ppm max
Solubility in Dilute Sulfuric AcidPasses Test
Density variation0.1kg/l-0.15kg/l
PACKAGING25kg – paper bag, Preserve in original packages.
AND STORAGEStore in cool, dry and ventilated warehouse
SHELF LIFE2year in original packages under the described conditions.
PREPARED BYTechnical Department/Runmag Nutritions

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Weight500 kg


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