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Product name:Magnesium Gluconate
Molecular Formula:C12H22MgO14.xH2O
Molecular weight: 450.64 ( dihydrate)
Characteristics: White powder or granules; odor less; It is the mixture of anhydrous or both.


Tests Specifications
Description White powder or granulars
Identification Meets the requirements
Water 3.0-12.0%
PH 6.0-7.8
Heavy metals ≤20ppm
Reducing substances ≤1.0%
Chloride ≤0.05%
Sulphates ≤0.05%
Assay 98.0~102.0 %

Uses:Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral. Magnesium is important for many systems in the body, especially the muscles and nerves. Magnesium gluconate is used as a supplement to maintain adequate magnesium in the body. Magnesium gluconate may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Quality Standard : BP2015 USP40 EP9.0 FCC(IV) CP2005 GB15571-2010
Package: PE bag, 25kgs net each.
Transportation & Storage: Keep in dry, cool and ventilating places.

The shelf time is 2 years.

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